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West Peoria should not have punished West Peoria bar after last summer’s violence, state panel says


WEST PEORIA (HOI) - Facing the threat of losing its entertainment license, a West Peoria bar has won an appeal in its battle with the local government.

West Peoria city leaders sought to prevent repeats of violent incidents that happened at Crusens on Farmington Road last summer by revoking the bar's entertainment license.

The business appealed successfully before the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, disagreeing with the city that the type of "pop" music played at the bar would bring a more violent crowd.

"West Peoria does not present any testimony or evidence by which to prove such a claim," the state panel said in its ruling.

There's also no evidence, according to the liquor control commission, that the type of crowd attracted to the music would put Crusens on notice that it required extra security measures.

Last summer, there was a stabbing at Crusens that left two people injured, and before the stabbing, a bar employee found a loaded gun on the dance floor.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission held a hearing on Crusens appeal January 26. The commission released its ruling on April 12.

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