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21-gun salute held in Morton for local Navy veteran who passed away

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MORTON (HOI) --- A military honor service was held Sunday in Morton for a local veteran who passed away.

The Tazewell Military Rites Team performed a 21-gun salute at Westwood Park in honor of Eric Weber, who passed away following a three-year battle with brain cancer.

Weber served in the Navy for six years and was a coach at the Morton Baseball Fields.

Several teams attended the service Sunday to pay tribute, along with family and loved ones.

Carl Burk of the Tazewell Military Rites Team said Weber's family asked them to hold the service, and the team was honored to put it together.

"This brings joy to us, as a veteran's organization ourselves, to give the families closure and celebrate the life of an individual that is very important," Burk said.

Burk says the Tazewell Military Rites Team is one of several organizations in the area that perform military honors for veterans at grave sites and memorial services.

Harry Croton

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