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When opportunity knocks, be careful how you answer.

Scammers today are always looking for their next angle says Jessica Tharp with the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois.

"I think scammers certainly find every little nook and cranny possible to find their victims anytime there's an opportunity for confusion or any kind of emotional response, like excitement with a lottery winning or a job offer something like that. It's very easy for scammers to work their magic in those areas."

College students searching for their first job often fall prey to these fake job offers.

"… they're promising great hours, fantastic pay and benefits. And all we need is your bank account information just to get the direct deposit set up."

Adding it's not just adults, but also senior citizens are prime targets.

"Anytime there's a storm, you might get a knock on your door from someone claiming to witness that you might have hail damage on your roof, just sign here and we'll get that roof taken care of at no charge to you, we will work directly with your insurance company. "

If you are sure about a business or the services they offer you can email the Better Business Bureau by

Donnie Tillman

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