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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Social Stealing ***Update***

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Lawmakers in Illinois are taking steps to put online impostors on the hook with a crime.

Illinois State Basketball alum Anthony Slack on multiple occasions had his identity used for purposes without his permission.

He says he supports the proposed legislation.

"This bill, if it does go into effect, in a sense, allow a person to have that added protection, whereas knowing it, I'm attached to my brand, I can put things out as I want knowing that if someone comes along and takes my pictures, videos, whatever, it kind of portrayed it into the negative light, and I have that protect protection, that there's going to be consequences and repercussions maybe even jail, jail time and fines."

Adding he hopes the plan continues West to his current home state.

Social media allows users to post or comment as well as upload photos or videos.

What happens when someone else uses your content for their own purposes?

Former Illinois State Basketball player Anthony Slack is making his mark on social media these days.

With his online presence growing, Slack found his level of concern also increasing.

"When I noticed my social media blowing up, I had a feeling that something like that would happen but to this extent, nah man." says Slack

His pictures started popping up on various accounts he did not create.

"I started getting people stealing my likeness, stealing my picture, creating other social media platforms to hook up with women or use for whatever suppression they felt at the time."

Sites like Facebook and Instagram no longer have numbers you can just dial for assistance.

Many social media sites now offer online help centers.

"As long as the social media platforms do their job, removing those accounts, I'm happy." Slack adds.

The best advice, report an y profile you feel is inappropriate.

Your feedback could be what helps keep content and other people safe from fake accounts.

Donnie Tillman

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