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Dunlap mom budgets $130 for groceries to feed family of six

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DUNLAP (HOI) - One Dunlap mother has found a way to feed her family all while sticking to a strict budget.

Emily Ackerman has a family of six, including her 4 kids and husband, and she says, they can eat a lot, but she's figured out how to budget.

When Ackerman and her husband got married, they were on a tight budget, and ever since, they've stuck to a cash budget. As their family grew, so did their budget, but not by much. Ackerman currently allots 130 dollars weekly for groceries for the family of six. She says it's pretty tight, but she has some tricks to make it work.

"First thing is first, you have to designate a budget and really stay in that budget," Ackerman said.

Of course sometimes the family goes over, but Ackerman says establishing a cash budget helps differentiate between the wants and the needs.

"I always shop sales. I really don't buy any sort of fruit or anything that's out of season that's going to be more expensive," Ackerman said.

They also buy beef from a farmer. It lasts them months, so they're not constantly having to buy more.

"It ends up being cheaper, but it also ends up being really quality meat and it supports local farmers," Ackerman said.

And perhaps the biggest hack of all, the Ackerman family never lets leftovers go to waste.

"I'll roast a couple chickens and I'll make sure to use the rest of that chicken throughout the week. Sometimes if we have even more leftovers I'll freeze some of the chicken so I can use it later, but I never discard the bones," Ackerman said. "I always make bone broth out of it and put it in the freezer."

Ackerman says, working within a budget helps free their finances for other family activities.

"Maybe something with the kids you know, taking them out or just doing fun things or even budgeting for school and for sports," Ackerman said.

Ackerman is also a Lebanese food blogger. You can find recipes, reviews and more from her here.

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