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Peoria Uber hit by bullets while waiting to pick up passenger

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PEORIA (HOI) -- A Peoria Uber driver said two bullets went through his rear window early Thursday morning in Central Peoria.

With over 9,000 rides under his belt, John Doering thought he had seen it all, that was until those bullets missed his head by only a few inches. The shots rang out while he was waiting to pick up a passenger on North Great Oak Road.

"So I was just sitting in my car waiting and all of a sudden there was this tremendous bang and I kind of ducked down in my seat like what's this and then came the rider, he got in we left," said Doering.

Doering said he thought if it was gun fire, it had not hit his car. That was until he started driving.

"And when we were about a block away on a well-lit street. I looked back at him, and I could see the damage to the window," he added.

In his five years with the rideshare service, Doering had never dealt with something like this.

"It hasn't been a problem, you're going to pick up someone in particular, you know who it is, they know who I am, and Uber is always tracking me," he added.

Yet, he fully understands the gravity of what happened.

"If it had been six inches closer to the front we probably wouldn't be having this interview."

Peoria Police did respond and gathered evidence from the car, including a fired bullet that was found in the back row. Doering said he is in touch with Uber. Uber said they have a 24/7 team that works with law enforcement to handle emergencies like this.

Andy Weber

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