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Playgrounds can get dangerously hot and cause severe burns

PEORIA (HOI) -- Playgrounds are a summertime staple and on hot days like today, you'll often find many children playing in these parks. But is it too hot to play?

Once temperatures get into the 80s and above, swing sets, slides and other playground equipment become dangerous. Temperatures across the Heart of Illinois this Thursday were near 90 degrees. A slide at the playground reach 156 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon according to an infrared thermometer from the Storm Alert weather team.

These temperatures can easily cause severe burns, according to Ginger Streitmatter with OSF Children's Hospital.

"Once the temperature reaches about a 140 degrees, you can get a second-degree burn in about 3 seconds. In about 5 seconds you can get a third-degree burn," said Streitmatter. But this can occur much faster in children than adults due to children's skin being more fragile.

If the kids want to play outside, but the playgrounds are too hot, there are plenty of ways to still have fun in the sun safely, including water activities such as a water balloon fight.

"Running through the sprinklers, maybe playing in a sand box. There's a lot of different things you can do that don't require playing on hot equipment," said Streitmatter.

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