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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Father looks for help after silence from a Peoria car wash that damaged his daughter’s car

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PEORIA (HOI) -- Rick Pantages says a mirror was knocked off his daughter's car the morning of June 9.

She needed a car wash and decided to go to Rainstorm Car Wash on Allen Road in Peoria.

This was her first time there.

"When they started going through the spinning brushes hit the mirror on the drivers side of the door and they noticed it was loose and by the time they got down to the drying unit it had fallen off and was on the ground," said Rick Pantages.

Later that day he and his daughter went back to Rainstorm to report what happened.

He said an employee found the mirror and said a claim would be filed.

"He took pictures of the front of the car, the back of the car and the side of the car and even had me hold the mirror up to the side mirror where it broke off."

They were told the manager would look at the cameras to see what happened.

His daughter got an email from Rainstorm that same day which said she'd be contacted in 2-3 business days.

Rick said because of the quick response, he thought this would be taken care of.

That time passed and the following week rick sent an email asking what was going on.

There was no response so he went there again and was told the manager would contact him.

"I went back about another week and I happened to run into the manager and he said well I'm running three car washes and I only have five employees. I haven't had time to look at my emails."

In the meantime the family took the car to Ray Dennison in Pekin to have it looked at.

The cost was about $400 for a new mirror.

The day his daughters car was repaired Rick went back to Rainstorm and talked to an employee who made a copy of the invoice.

"I said just let me know if you're going to take care of this or not instead of just leading me on. He said we'll take care of it. I'll file a claim today and you should have a check within a week and a half and I can't get a hold of him anymore so there's just no communication. It's just very frustrating."

Continuing to fight for his daughter, Rick turned to the Troubleshooters for help.

It appears other people have been in similar situations.

"I was looking at some of the comments on yelp and everything feedback and they have a few positive but there's a lot of 'they damaged the bumper on my car. They scratched my car. They scratched my window'…so it just looks like a pattern from this company."

When Jessica Cook went to Rainstorm a manager wasn't available.

The Regional Director later told the Troubleshooters that the claim was approved and there was a disconnect between corporate and the manager, who is no longer with the company.

He added it was never their intent not to pay for the repairs.

Rick said his daughter was contacted shortly after my visit to the car wash.

He met with the District Manager on Monday and received an apology.

He should get his check in about two weeks thanks to the Troubleshooters.

Jessica Cook

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