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Multiple brawls send students home, ends in arrests at Peoria High

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Peoria (HEART OF ILLINOIS ABC) - Police described the scene at Peoria High School as chaotic. They used pepper spray and pepper balls when they tried to break up the fights outside.

That afternoon Peoria Public Schools Superintendent Sheron Kherat said that both juveniles and adults were involved in the fights.

She said some people were students and others were there to cause trouble.

School leaders did not know what started the fights but they ended up dismissing school two hours early because of it.

A senior at the school said witnessed one of the fights firsthand.

"It was very outrageous like the kids were just everywhere. The fight just broke out randomly like the fight just broke out. I'm in the hallway, you know nervous and worried. you know I go there for an education," Khalia Smith said.

Smith added that she wanted to go back to online classes because it was more peaceful.

Police arrested several people and continued to investigate.

Peoria Police Chief Eric Echevarria said, "This is an ongoing investigation, obviously it was all hands on deck. We will be sharing information with the district about what we find, and what we believe are some of the internal and external things that are influencing this."

Two local football games were postponed due to the fighting.

Peoria High officials said the school would have extra safety measures on the following Monday.

The school called on parents to help quell the issues before students returned to school.

"We would like parents not to egg kids on, not to encourage them to fight. That's a big part of all this," Dr. Kherat said.

The superintendent said that any student involved in the fights were not allowed back in the school.

India Afriyie

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