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Local pastor says we need to listen to the youth to solve gun violence issue

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Peoria (HEART OF ILLINOIS ABC) - Community leaders said they wanted to see the gun violence stop in Peoria, but the question was how?

After a week of gun violence Mayor Rita Ali said community group S-NET was laser focused on reducing gun violence and the group was reviewing six proposals on getting that done.

Other members had ideas on how to help too. 

Local Pastor and business owner Chuck Brown said he believed the answer to the problem laid within the community

"The very people we are talking about they don't watch the news, they don't look at billboards. As far as they are concerned, we are not apart of their culture, we are not their leaders. We have to go into that culture. Study and understand the very people we are trying to change," Brown said.

Brown said he wanted to change the culture of the community

"Young people have been engulfed in what I consider a culture of hate rage and revenge. You have to change the narrative by simply helping catch these young people at an early point," Brown said.

But the community may not know what the answers are, the members I spoke with said this is how it’s been all their lives and they don’t have any ideas on how to change it but Pastor brown thinks there’s a way.

"We have to change our approach to dealing with and creating a culture of peace," Brown said.

India Afriyie

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