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Women from multiple backgrounds team up to help rebuild home for Peoria couple


PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) -- Sept. 25 is Rebuilding Together Day, and all over Peoria, people were rolling up their sleeves and helping those who need it.

Nine construction projects took place to repair local properties, including the East Bluff Community Center and homes belonging to the elderly and disabled.

One of the projects is the area's first-ever "She-Build" - made up of a ton of ladies from different backgrounds helping to rebuild a home on Peoria's McClure Avenue.

"We have insulators, we have IBEW, we have operators, we have masonworkers, we have painters - We have a plethora of trades here. We have carpenters and laborers as well," volunteer Jennifer Frank said.

This particular project was put on by the Union Sisters of Central Illinois. Rebuilding Together Day was supposed to happen in April, but it was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteers said they were glad to get out Saturday, and this project was extra special to them.

"It makes me feel like I'm apart of something bigger than me," painter Paiton Dubson said. "When you get out on those job sites, the way some of the men look at you - it's like you're crazy. To be able to do this project - all female - I just can't even explain it. It's pretty darn cool."

Harry Croton

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