Deposit Dilemma: Woman says she’s owed over $800 from Peoria apartment complex

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For more than 5 years, Mary Jo Bradley lived at University Gardens in Peoria.

She says she picked an apartment in the 65 hundred block of North University Street because her granddaughter was moving in with her and her late husband.

Her granddaughter went to Richwoods so Bradley thought it was the perfect fit, but after she time she started looking for a new place to call home.

“Going up and down the stairs. I stayed on the 2nd floor and it wasn’t getting any better and then the distance from the parking lot to the apartment carrying groceries and I knew I had to make a change,” said Bradley.

She gave her 30 day notice and started packing her things.

A notice dated April 26th, 2018 shows Bradley would get 2 security deposits back, one for $725 and one for $131.25.

She was told it would take 45 days.

That time came and went and Bradley pressed management for answers.

She kept notes of when she called and who she talked to and left messages for.

Bradley felt she was getting the run around.

A few months after she left the complex had new property manager.

“He said he didn’t have any paperwork to where she approved my inspection and notice to move out. I said you don’t have it? So his assistant knew where it was and got a copy of it.”

A new form was written up in August saying Bradley would get $725 back.

The remaining $131.25 wasn’t in the document.

The current property manager, Chuck Haase, asked why she paid a second deposit.

Bradley said she didn’t know.

“That’s why I’m befuddled there because I gave my first deposit and then he asked for a second deposit under a different amount and I asked what is that for and he said that’s part of your deposit.”

Bradley says she paid it at the time because she didn’t know what else to do.

Fast forward to 2018, Haase said the company had no record of the $131.25 so they couldn’t give that amount back to her.

Bradley said, “Things like this shouldn’t happen in Peoria. We shouldn’t allow out of state owners to come in, hire the property management and they don’t handle the business.”

She says she went to the office several times to talk to Haas.

“He wasn’t there or the last time he was in a meeting so I said this is baloney. I talked to accounting in the beginning and they said we have nothing submitted for a return deposit and you have to go back to the property management so they can do the proper paperwork and send it to us. It never happened and I just feel like I’ve been bamboozled ever since.”

During her time at University Gardens, her space was used as a model for potential renters to see.

She paid her rent on time every month and still has the receipts to prove it.

Bradley says she thought about finding a lawyer, but didn’t want to be out more money.

“I was going to take it a step further and then all of a sudden I was watching TV and Troubleshooters came on and I said I’m going to call.”

When Bradley moved out of University Gardens she puts things in storage.

She says she hasn’t paid that bill because she was waiting on her deposit check.

“I just want justice. I want my money returned. I want everybody else who has been in this situation to come forward. If nothing else call Troubleshooters and say hey I’m one of those people so I think if other people can step on the bandwagon the more the merrier.”

Jessica Cook went into the leasing office to talk to Haase.

He said residential issues are confidential and could not discuss Bradley’s situation.

Then he asked our crew to leave the property.

Since then Bradley has talked to Haase.

She said he said no one ever told him about the situation and that the company would cut her a check.

He asked for her phone number, but not an address.



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