TROUBLESHOOTERS: Man turns to Troubleshooters over fraudulent Credit Karma account

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There are 3 credit report agencies that provide a free score once a year.

They are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

John Hobbs says his mom asked him to find out her score so he sent in the proper forms, but decided to go to to find the number right away.

“…when I opened an account, come to find out there was already an account opened in her name with somebody else’s email address and there were 3 accounts under that account…so it was my fear that somebody was getting a credit card or signature loan under my mothers name,” said Hobbs.

Someone had access to his moms personal information, like social security number.

Hobbs said he felt his brother was the one behind the scheme.

The email address used to open the account was his.

“Very enraged. I was very aggravated that my brother would take advantage of a 78-year-old lady nonetheless my mother.”

Since Hobbs didn’t know the password to the account, he opened a new one.

The site automatically shut it down since an account was already in place with his moms information.

Hobbs said, “When I called the customer service line it says, ‘This line is not set up for telephone calls at this time. Please try back later.'”

He did and got the same voice message.

This situation started a few weeks ago, but he called Troubleshooters right away.

“If you were to call your bank customer service or credit card service number to report a bank fraud or theft and it says ‘This telephone number is not set up to receive calls at this time’ I imagine you would be a little upset and yet Credit Karma has the same thing going on,” said Hobbs.

It turns out the company doesn’t have a phone number.

A spokeswoman said in part, “Google picks up numbers from other sites. In all cases, that number is inaccurate as we don’t have a public number.”

She said an account was found under Hobbs’ moms name and the company deactivated it.

No one will be able to log into it and no other accounts can be created using the same personal information.

Hobbs still wondered if any credit cards or signature loans were opened under his moms name.

A spokeswoman for Credit Karma said the company isn’t a lender or credit bureau, so they don’t know the status of an application or credit account.

She added if a new account is set up, Hobbs’ mom would be able to check for any credit accounts she’s not familiar with.

If there’s one there she can file a dispute with the credit bureaus or lender.

“I called you because I had seen that you have a reputation for taking care of situations like this and I’m hoping that you’ll help me,” said Hobbs.

A Credit Karma spokeswoman says if Hobbs’ mom sets up a new account she can get a copy of her credit report and check for any accounts she’s not familiar with.

There will be an additional verification process.

Jessica Cook spoke to Hobbs again, he said the Equifax report come in and there are accounts on the report his mom never opened up.

He said that’s something he’s going to look into.




Jessica Cook

Jessica Cook

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