Hurricane Michael Update

A massive raging hurricane certainly becomes more real when people lives are on the line. Tonight, a man from Washington and a woman from Peoria paint us the stormy picture they are seeing firsthand.

Some are calling Hurricane Michael catastrophic. With life-threatening winds, intense flooding, and sudden evacuations, those effected have a lot to prepare for.

Peoria native, Cindy Jenkins, moved to Santa Rosa Beach forty miles from Panama City less than a week ago. That is is exactly where Bill Bontemps, who lives in Washington, happens to be now.

According to Jenkins, “Wind gusts have been really strong.”

Bontemps is visiting his daughter and helping her with a start-up business.

The hurricane’s power is creating massive waves. “We’re seeing a lot of waves on the lake out here,” said Bontemps.

Both Jenkins and Bontemps are in Santa Rosa while the eye of Hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach hard

“So, that took the hardest hit but we are on the western edge of it here in Santa Rosa beach, “said Bontepms, “But we had sustained winds of 80-90 miles an hour.”

The hurricane has drastically effected the landscape too.

“There’s some trees down and obviously we haven’t gotten out of the house,” said Bontemps

It does not seem like the storm will die down soon.

“Storms and a possible threat of a tornado,” said Jenkins, “So we are going to be very cautious obviously the rest of the night and we literally, right before you called Monica, got the emergency notification of the flash flood warning.”

“I’ll tell you one thing: the people here though take hurricanes very seriously,” said Bontemps ”And they were very well prepared.”

Both Jenkins and Bontemps are remaining hopeful.

Certainly a rocky situation in Florida in terms of what local nonprofits are doing to help with the Florida storm. A spokesperson for Salvation Army in Peoria tells me they are on standby and will likely get involved. We also reached out to the red cross but have not heard back.



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