London Mills won’t get rid of festival after all

The drive will stay in London Mills.

Thursday night residents learned whether or not the town would stay involved with the The Spoon River Drive festival, which is an annual long-standing tradition of art, history and culture.

This past Monday night, board members talked of pulling out of the festival.

Originally three board members, out of six, voted in favor of starting something new. Residents, however, did not let that vote go without a fight, demanding the board re-vote since it was not the majority. Thursday night, tables turned and the majority of board members voted to keep Spoon River Drive in town. This brought some relief to a local volunteer firefighter who said it is this festival that brings in the biggest profit for their organization.

“This is our biggest fundraiser. It helps out with everything we do, with all of our equipment. We got what we wanted tonight. We got the vote back to yes. We are going to stay in the association and hopefully we can go forward with them and the town and everything goes good from here,” said volunteer firefighter Shawn Taylor.

Another local who has been a vendor for years said she was surprised by the vote.

Local vendors applauded the board, thanking them for keeping the festival in their community.



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