Local Nursing Home Finds Hope To Stay Operational

A Peoria county owned nursing home plagued by money problems may receive a ray of hope/

To try to turn things around at Heddington Oaks the county board is bringing in OSF Healthcare.
Peoria county ownership for about 5 years has been a struggle.

OSF Healthcare is helping temporarily oversee Heddington Oaks nursing home.

According to the president of OSF Home Care Services, AJ Querciagrossa, “It’s an engagement, we partner with the county because we are here to access and see how we can help the county turn around the nursing home performance. For us it’s really about how we keep medicaid beds in our community.”

OSF’s role will primarily be that of a consultant. OSF will review current practices and make suggestions on changes to hopefully keep the home afloat.
Former county board member, Brad Harding, said it’s too little too late.

One retired county board member, Brad Harding, expressed action needs to be taken. “We have been spending close to six million dollars each year that what we’re taking in. It’s not sustainable. My understanding is that there are three bank accounts attached to the nursing home and those accounts will all be dry, the funds will be exhausted, by the third quarter, I believe, of 2019,” he said.

Harding is worried the residents will suffer if OSF is unable to prevent the nursing home from eventually closing for good.

OSF Healthcare officials are much more optimistic they can make effective changes.

Both sides agree time will tell, although there’s an expiration date.
The temporary agreement with OSF only lasts for 120 days.
According to the Peoria Journal Star, Peoria county will pay a subsidiary of OSF Healthcare $84,000 for their help and guidance.



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