Troubleshooters: Porch Pirates

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PEORIA, IL (HOI) — Christmas is one week away.

And we know there are some last minute shoppers out there. Maybe you have a package coming soon?

Jessica Cook talked to a woman who says she’s been robbed of her belongings multiple times.

They’re called porch pirates – a person who comes up to your doorstep and swipes your packages.

Theresa Skibba has lived in Peoria’s East Bluff neighborhood for 20 years and says she’s been a victim of this.

“I had an alert on my phone that a package was delivered and I went outside and there was no package,” said Skibba.

She says she checked her security footage right away.

Skibba saw a man wearing a baseball hat that appears on the bottom right corner of the screen and steals three packages in just eight seconds.

Skibba says she felt violated.

“I work really hard and I work a lot of hours just to be able to provide for my kids and then somebody comes and takes it. Sometimes you can get it back, sometimes you can’t,” Skibba said.

This is not the first time packages have been stolen off Skibba’s porch. She says she’s had golf and baseball equipment taken too. She hoped by installing four security cameras, thieves would be deterred.

Yet, it happened again after this. Now, she takes extra steps to make sure her items make it inside her home.

“I am in contact with the mail person so if there’s any packages she will not deliver them, she will put a hold and I have to go pick them up and it’s an inconvenience to me. But, at least I know my packages are there.”

If she’s expecting a package, Skibba will arrange her schedule so she’s home.

That’s one of the recommendations from Officer Amy Dotson. She says Peoria Police had an influx of porch pirates last year.

“It’s 2018. The way we shop and do business in town is changing,” said Dotson. “So, we have to be a little more cognizant of what’s being left on our front porches.”

Skibba says she filed a police report, but nothing ever came of it.

“It’s just the fact that I had to go through all that extra work,” Skibba said.

Officer Dotson says if you’re caught, charges depend on what was taken and how much it’s worth.



Mike Miletich

Mike Miletich

10 PM News Producer

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