Disappearance of woman prompts creation of statewide emergency alert

Two new emergency alerts go into effect on Tuesday and one is named after a suburban Chicago woman who went missing in 2016.

President of the Missing Persons Awareness Network Gia Wright describes the first, The Kianna Alert as, “An alert for all children and adults reported in Illinois.”

She continues, “This criteria is simple. There must be a police report made with any law enforcement agency in Illinois. The family must contact Missing Persons Awareness Network and open a case with us. Once we confirm with law enforcement this is an active case we will activate the alert.”

This alert was named after Kianna Galvin, 17, who went missing after leaving her home around noon in May of 2016 in route to a nearby park. Galvin is believed to have been lured into a home just 5 houses down, murdered and then her body moved by an unknown suspect. Galvin was labeled a runaway and no emergency alerts were ever sent out for her.
“Had that alert came out or an Amber Alert or any kind of alert that had her on there people would’ve become aware so fast that person may not have had the opportunity to take her anywhere,” Wright said.

The Kianna Alert was created to help other adults who may be in danger.

“[The Kianna alert], if it would’ve went out when my daughter went missing, I believe my daughters case would have been solved, or figured out by this time,” Kianna’s mother Fiona Galvin said.

The next new alert is The Statewide Alert System.

“The Illinois State Wide Alert System is designed to alert the public of the person(s) possibly responsible for a crime that have or most likely will cause serious bodily harm or a fatality as a result in their action(s) toward one or more children and/or adults in Illinois,” she explained.

On Monday The Missing Persons Awareness Network, Crimestoppers and Kianna Galvin’s family announced the creation of these new alerts to help spread the word.

“We just have to learn to take care of each other, When you can’t and when that person is missing we now have the all inclusive to prevent or if they have already been taken and missing, this will alert thousands,” Wright said.

To subscribe via text for free to both alerts text the word “add” to (312)-561-3319.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

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