Heart of Illinois residents deal with heavy snowfall

“I’ll tell you what, it’s beautiful when it falls but it’s not so much fun to shovel,” Manito resident Bre Kerley said as she took a break from shoveling snow Saturday morning.

Kerley woke up bright and early to clear her drive way of snow, the inches and inches of snow Central Illinois woke up to this weekend.

“The roads are still really covered. we have at least six inches of snow,” she said. “It’s heavy and it’s wet.”

Heart of Illinois ABC crews drove on those the un-plowed, snow filled roads all the way to Havana. There they found one man measuring the snow fall himself because he just could not believe it.

“Well it’s kind of crazy isn’t it, it was 60 degrees a week ago or just a few days ago and here we are shoveling over nine inches of snow and more to come,” Havana resident Jim Easley said.

“It’s the old saying whenever you don’t like the weather in Illinois just wait a little while it’s going to change and we’ll get something different.”

Easley said he wished he had gotten up earlier to clear the path for the mailman and advises others to be cautious when it come to snow removal.

“Well kind of be careful because it’s a little bit heavier snow if you’re out there scooping take it easy, take a break every now and then. Give it a few hours and come back, you don’t have to do it all at once,” he said.

Of course the plows were hard at work trying to clear the roads and one highway worker said they had their hands and plows full.

“We can’t keep up with it as much as it’s snowing and as quick as it’s coming down and the winds blowing over the roads. it’s pretty frustrating you can’t see a lot of the time so it’s hard to tell where the road is,” Mason County Highway Department worker Daryl Holmes said.


Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

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