Snow storm causes problems at local airports

9:20 AM UPDATE:  The Peoria International Airport now reports American Airlines Flight 5312, due to arrive in Peoria from Charlotte at 12:29 PM Saturday, and American Airlines Flight 5451, due to arrive from Charlotte at 6:10 PM have been cancelled.

Also, American Airlines Flight 5312, en route to Charlotte from Peoria, leaving at 12:55 PM, has been cancelled due to the weather.

As of 9:22 AM on Saturday, all flights are on time at the Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington.


CENTRAL ILLINOIS (HOI) — This weekend’s winter storm is causing problems for air travelers across the Heart of Illinois.

According to the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport’s website, United Airlines flight 4780 from Chicago, with an expected landing at 8:49 AM Saturday has been cancelled. American Airlines Flight 5941 en route to Dallas, and United Flight 4705, scheduled to leave for Chicago at 9:20 AM Saturday, have also been cancelled.

The Central Illinois Regional Airport’s website reports as of 7 AM Saturday, all flights are scheduled to arrive on time.

However, American Airlines Flight 5843 to Dallas, scheduled to take off at 7:25 AM has been cancelled. Delta Airlines Flight 5708, which was scheduled to take off at 5:40 Saturday morning, is now scheduled to take off at 8:30 AM.

You are encouraged to check with your airlines if you are scheduled to fly this weekend.

John Kendall

John Kendall

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