Girl Scouts sell cookies, learn business management

Little girls all over the country are setting up shop, preparing to sell thousands of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

Most of the troopers set up camp out side of grocery stores to catch shoppers on their way out. The money they raise goes towards the mission of each Girl Scout.

“Number one to make the world a better place and leave it better than you found it.. We can make the world a better place and sell cookies and have fun,” Troop 4754 Girl Scout Jailyn Kauppinen said.

Kauppinen and her two cousins, Jennis and Jassa, set up their booth in front of the Kroger on Sterling Avenue on Saturday morning. The three have been troopers since they were old enough to join.

“My favorite part about being a Girl Scout is selling the cookies and making new friends. Getting to go to all these cool events that go on when you’re a Girl Scout,” Kauppinen said.

Making the situation even sweeter, Gwyn Oday, is their grandmother and troop leader, just as she was for her own daughters.

“To me, if you’re not keeping them active you’re giving them too much idle time and idle times and then you get idle minds. You don’t have them to have idle minds where they’re like bored and thinking of things they should not be,” Oday said.

A recent study from the Girl Scout Research Institute found that 2 out of 3 girls who are girl scouts learn crucial skills that help them later in life.

“[Selling cookies] gives them management skills on

For more information on the Girl Scouts of Illinois visit their website:<a href=””></a>managing their own business, making change, how much money,” Oday explained.

“They’re planning a camping trip so how much money do we need for them camping trip? How much do we need for activities we do while we’re camping? How much money do we need for food?”

The girls do not even seem to notice they are learning.

“I feel like Girl Scouts is more of a social experience, You learn more social schools in Girl Scouts than you do in school. Plus it’s a lot more fun than school,” Troop 4754 Girl Scout Jennis Egan said.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

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