‘Hope Fest’ raises money to open new sober living house

Overcoming addiction can be hard enough and to give a helping hand the organization Fight the Fight is working to raise money to bring a sober living house to Pekin. One way they are funding this endeavor is by hosting their annual Hope Fest.

“Our goal is to open up a sober living house within the Tazewell County community. People get out of rehab and get out of jail, they need a place to go so where they don’t get back to the same things they were in before,” Public Relations Director for Fight the Fight Corey Campbell said.

“Today they go to Bloomington or Springfield. We help fund their first month or two today. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll have a place right here in Tazewell County.”

Those houses serve a vital role by supporting recovering addicts. Being able to help people continue their path to sobriety is what motivates them to bring one closer to Peoria and Tazewell County residents.

“[Without sober living houses] they go back to the houses that they lived in and those are the same environments that fueled their addictions in the past. So we’re trying to get them to somewhere safe, somewhere we can teach them to have different behaviors and to have different ways of going about their day,” Campbell said.

Beyond funds, Campbell said the support from the community fuels them to continue helping others.

“We know that there is a big need for [sober houses] statistically right so we’re just looking for different ways for the community to get involved and help fight the big opioid crisis we have going on right here in our homes in Tazewell County,” he said.

The Hope Fest also had local tattoo parlor Big Top Tattoos giving free “recovery day” tattoos to recovering addicts to serve as a physical representation of how hard they have fought.

“[The tattoo] was worth it, it was fun. It only took a few minutes and it’s my sobriety date so it’s just a reminder about why I’m here,” recovering addict Cammy Hall said.

Fight the Fight hopes to open their new sober living house in the next few months.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

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