Focus on comfortable learning earns Heyworth teacher One Class grant


Heyworth Ill. (HOI) –

One teacher in the small village of Heyworth is focusing her attention on comfortable learning.  In this fourth grade classroom you’ll always have different options for seating.

“They’re like little sponges and they are excited to learn.”

Kelly Huey learned about flexible seating at a continuing education conference. She says she knew it would have an impact on her classroom at Heyworth Elementary School. 

“I like the idea of flexible seating in my classroom. The kids don’t like to sit in their chairs all day and they find a million ways to sit in a chair. Some like to stand”, said Huey.

It can help kids when they are antsy from sitting in the same spot all day. So, she bought some special seats that are able to move in all directions. Three buoy chairs later, she said she has noticed a difference. It makes her Heart of Illinois ABC’s latest One Class at a Time $1,000 grant winner.

And the students seem to like them too.

Fourth grade student Emma Quinton says she enjoys the chairs and Huey’s teaching methods.

“Every day we do something different but it’s related to the same thing”, said Quinton.

“I use a lot of my own money or I go for other grants the different types of chairs that I have in my room and other supplies as well”, said Huey.

But this unique seating isn’t cheap. Each buoy chairs costs about $200. That’s why Huey is using her newly earned grant money to add more.





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