One Class at a Time 8/28/18


Everyone knows that an enthusiastic teacher can make all the difference in any classroom.

For our One Class at a Time winner Mrs. Teiman, creating opportunities for students to explore science through unique projects is what makes her a favorite among students and parents.

We stopped by her classroom. Take a look.

Young faces, and elastic minds… exploring the sciences through … roller coasters?

“In particular, we study physics, we study forces in motion and we learn how to calculate speed through studying rollercoasters,” said Teiman.

And her unique teaching style is the reason why she’s become a favorite among not only students, but also parents. This moved parent Heather Paddock to nominate Mrs. Teiman for our One Class at a Time grant winner.

“I think it’s because she, I mean she kind of acts like a kid, she’s playful, she’s fun, she gets down to their level and really like, helps them to understand,” said Paddock.

For many of us, science class involved lectures, pop quizzes,and maybe an occasional PowerPoint presentation. Mrs. Teiman’s classroom isn’t your typical science class.

“Solve how to make a roller coaster? I think that’s really fun. Because you get to build something, and you don’t often get to build things in classes,” said Veronica McCarthy, a 7th grader.

“To like be able to do that, it would be cool because now I would know how they actually work,” said Dalton Burr, another 7th grader.

In Mrs. Tieman’s 7th & 8th grade class at Dee-Mack Junior High School. She believes that student led, hands-on learning is the most effective way to teach stem courses.

Her students get into groups and build roller coasters using building block kits. She says this project teaches the students so much more than physics.

“They do need to have these skills to work with others, to problem solve,” said Teiman. “Science is all about trial and error, Engineering is about Triall and Error, and I just think it’s really important to create a classroom where it’s okay to make mistakes. but we learn from them. It’s okay to fail.”

Tim Shelley

Tim Shelley

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