Dog gets new home after neglect

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It is a happy ending to the Knox County dog, Maverick, that we told you about earlier this month.

The story got a lot of attention after the dog was taken away from his owners when he was said to be left out in record-breaking cold.

A new law in Illinois allows law enforcement to take custody of animals if they are in dangerous situations. When reports about Maverick being neglected began to pour in, the Knox County State’s Attorney decided to investigate.

“And anyone who was in this area the last couple weeks can attest to the fact that it was sub zero, a horrible climate for anyone to be outside, let alone a chained dog,” stated State’s Attorney, John Pepmeyer.

At the end of the investigation, Maverick’s owner, George Killburn, was charged with animal cruelty.

Now Maverick is heading to a new home and folks at the humane society said they could not be happier.

“The man who is getting Maverick is a true hero because he defused the whole situation. It’s a wonderful home,” said Director of the Knox County Humane Society, Eric Buckmaster.

“I didn’t want to believe everything on Facebook. I started pursuing it with the old owners to let me take the dog,” stated new owner, Bernard Helms.

Helms knew Maverick’s previous owners and after talking to them, he said they eventually willingly surrendered the dog.

To be safe, the Knox County Humane Society asked Helms to sign a detailed contract.
That contract states Helms cannot return Maverick to his previous owners and that he cannot chain the dog outside for more than six hours at a time.

“If you see an animal suffering, please step in like these neighbors did, because you’re the difference between life and death for that animal,” Buckmaster.



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