Share table helps kids stay full and learn

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You can’t focus on school work if you are hungry.

One Central Illinois school has created a special place in the cafeteria.

Students at Peoria Heights Grade School are swapping foods.

Cafeteria manager Joseph Taylor created a share table.

A place where kids can drop off unwanted lunch items sitting their trades.

“Anything that’s prepacked. We have prepacked juices, prepacked fruits, cereals, and graham crackers. Any fruit like bananas, apples, plums,” said Taylor.

Kids who are still hungry or need to take something for later can do so.

“This just provides an opportunity to put more food into kids mouths, to get them energized, and to feed them more,” explained Taylor.

Principal Terry Mooney says the table is buzzing.

“You think it’s just a small thing but kids will go through and get two, three fruit cups,” said Mooney.

The project has been a secret teaching tool about food waste too.

“Doing this job I saw so many food items that were thrown away that absolutely don’t have to be thrown away,” said Taylor.

“Kids are learning about not wasting food and giving back to other kids,” said Mooney.

Both gentleman think it can help schools dealing with food shaming.

The kids think of it as a sharing program, not a handout program.

This is an example of one simple idea making a big impact.


Alex Menke

Alex Menke

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