Top 10 Crests Expected Along The Illinois River This Weekend

The rain we’ve seen over the last few days is finally tapering off as we head into the weekend, but while our flash flooding threat is going down, the threat for river flooding will be increasing.

Flood Warnings are in effect for our local rivers. The Spoon, Vermilion, and Mackinaw Rivers will be cresting this weekend and the warnings for these rivers are in effect through early next week.

Flood Warnings along the Illinois River are in effect until further notice, and we could potentially stay above flood stage for weeks.

Here’s a look at what’s expected for three river gauges along the Illinois River at Henry, Peoria, and Havana.

The Illinois River near Henry will remain at Moderate Flood Stage heading into the weekend before cresting at 31.3′ on Sunday.

This crest would be 6th on record near Henry.

  1. 32.94′ on 4/22/2013
  2. 32.67′ on 3/22/1979
  3. 32.20′ on 5/23/1943
  4. 30.02′ on 3/7/1985
  5. 31.49′ on 3/13/2009
  6. 31.3′ on 5/5/2019 (forecast)
  7. 31.25′ on 3/5/1989

At Peoria, the Illinois River will stay in the Moderate Flood Stage heading into the weekend and early next week. As of writing this, it looks like Peoria will stay just below Major Flood Stage.

This crest would also be 6th on record at Peoria.

  1. 29.35′ on 4/23/2013
  2. 28.80′ on 5/23/1943
  3. 28.70′ on 3/23/1979
  4. 28.40′ on 3/7/1985
  5. 27.94′ on 3/14/2009
  6. 27.5′ on 5/5/2019 (forecast)
  7. 27.4′ on 12/9/1982

The Illinois River near Havana will be cresting later than Peoria and Henry, and may not crest until the middle of next week. The river will be at Major Flood Stage this weekend into the upcoming work week.

Like Peoria and Henry, this forecasted crest would also be 6th on record near Havana.

  1. 27.78′ on 4/25/2013
  2. 27.24′ on 7/1/2015
  3. 27.10′ on 5/26/1943
  4. 27.10′ on 3/9/1985
  5. 26.80′ on 1/4/2016
  6. 26.5′ on 5/8/2019 (forecast)
  7. 26.00′ on 5/31/1995

Flooding is the second highest weather-related killer annually in the United States and on average kills more people than lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, and cold.

Remember, never drive through a flooded roadway. It doesn’t take much water to lift you or your car off of the ground, and it is impossible to tell just how deep the water really is.

Here are a few other key points to remember regarding the upcoming river flooding.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on flooding throughout the weekend and into next week. Stay us with on-air, online, and on social media for the latest weather updates.

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

Brian Walder

Brian Walder

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